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Alert Neighbors

The Alert Neighbors program is a trademark program of the Crime Prevention Network. Since its inception, more than one million residents in the Tulsa area have received the training. This program enlists citizen participation in crime prevention through neighborhood meetings where safety in the home and neighborhood are emphasized.

In each neighborhood, we work to:

  • Increase crime reporting.
  • Improve cooperation with law enforcement.
  • Address community concerns.
  • Educate the public on current crime trends, scams, frauds and methods of prevention and resolution.
  • Reduce neighborhood crime and the opportunity for crime to occur when neighbors work together.

A cohesive neighborhood deters crime. A fragmented neighborhood is an easier target for crime. The Alert Neighbors program teaches residents how to secure their homes, how to be safer in their homes and on the street, and what to look for and how to report that which is suspicious. The Alert Neighbors program promotes improved communication among neighbors about problems and solutions and fosters improved relations between law enforcement and the community.

Why an Alert Neighbors program? Because it works!  Decreased burglaries and related offenses are reported by law enforcement. We are a transient society with more working families and busier lifestyles. This means homes are left empty during all hours of the day and night. This creates a target for criminal activities. An active Alert Neighbor program builds community. It often serves as a springboard for addressing other neighborhood concerns.

Who can be involved? Any community resident! Renters or homeowners; apartments; city or rural neighborhoods; schools; businesses – anybody interested in keeping their families safe and secure.

Call today to start an Alert Neighbors program in your neighborhood! 918-585-5209

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